Barcode Packages huge discounts on large orders

Buying bulk packages means you can get big discounts and save more. Ideal for those who need a lot of barcodes such as;

  • clothing designers
  • shoe designers
  • jewelry designers

Barcodes never expire so you can save money by buying in bulk. You can hold onto the unused barcodes until you need them. They never expire. You can use them in the future. We will email you the numbers on an excel spreadsheet as well as images, guarantee certificate and registration.

Bulk barcode orders are ideal for clothing, footwear and jewelry makers who will use a lot of barcodes as they have multiple colours and sizes of each product. Some clothing designers buy 1000 barcodes to last them the season. Let us know if you want a quote for 1000 barcodes. We work with many clothing designers who are bringing on new ranges each season. They can go through barcodes really quickly. Stock up so you have barcodes ready when you need them. Our barcodes can be used internationally.

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Buy 100, 200, 300 or 500 barcodes

QuantityPricePrice per barcodeMore details
1006000 THB60 THB eachBuy 100 barcodes
20010,000 THB50 THB eachBuy 200 barcodes
30012,000 THB40 THB eachBuy 300 barcodes
50017,500 THB35 THB eachBuy 500 barcodes


Looking for less than 100 barcodes? View our smaller barcode packages.