Barcode Artwork Test

Want to check your barcode is laid out well before you go to print?

We can check your barcode artwork for:

  • dimensions
  • white space
  • correct symbology
  • other common barcode layout errors.

฿650 per test

This service isn’t automated. Please allow 12-24 hours for test results. Contact us if you are in a rush.

  • Barcode Artwork Test

    We have a new service where we can test your EAN or UPC barcode artwork, to give you an idea of whether it will scan well.

    This is not an official Barcode Verification Report (which costs 1200 Baht) as required by some Supermarket and Hardware chains. But is a test using the same equipment and giving the same information.

    This test will be done on your artwork so you can have more confidence about the quality of the barcode before you go to print or it will tell you what problems there are with the barcode artwork.

    To do this test, please purchase the quantity you require (650THB each), and then email a pdf of the barcode artwork to us. The pdf must be A4 or smaller in size, and 100%. We will print it on a laser printer in B&W (so it won’t test any other print colours) and test it, then email the report to you.

    We cannot test wider barcodes (no carton codes or GS128).

    You can view some sample reports below. Grades vary from A (excellent) to C (OK) to D & below which are fails.

    Test Pass A grade
    Test Pass B grade
    Test Pass C grade
    Test Fail Decodability
    Test Fail Right Margin
    Test Fail modulation and magnification

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Here you can see various examples of the possible ways to visually enhance your barcode. Please make sure that any changes to the barcode may affect the scannability of the barcode, hence it is safest to build up and around the barcode and bear in mind the barcode dimensions. Barcodes like contrast; hence they are normally black on white. Keep in mind that the red light of the scanner will struggle to see pale or warm colours.

Talk to your graphic designer to see if they can design some barcode artwork for you. We may also be able to supply barcode artwork for your barcode as well. Please contact us for details.

For more artwork ideas, see our Pinterest page.                                                      Pinterest Logo