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We provide barcodes in Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand. Our barcodes are legal and are high quality. Barcodes Thailand staff are experts in barcoding. We can advise and assist you on all barcode matters from retail barcodes to school library barcodes and V-business cards .

Our clients include multinational companies through to startups, graphic designers, printers, marketing specialists, brewers, beekeepers, chefs and school librarians. Clients are based all over the world.

Please see the NZ companies office for our Company Registration Information (Atime Limited)

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Barcodes Thailand is an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network founded in New Zealand in 2013.

The International Barcodes Network aims to:

  • Supply cheap retail barcodes (and other barcodes) to customers wherever you are in the world
  • Have local agents working for us around the world, where possible, to supply barcodes to local customers.
  • Assist customers in remote parts of the world to get barcodes for their retail products .
  • Provide information to customers about the different barcoding requirements in different parts of the world.
  • Help customers understand what type of barcodes they need
  • Allow customers to purchase barcodes in their local currency, wherever possible.

Answers to common questions are listed here, however contact us if you have any questions or need any advice in English or Thai language.

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If you haven’t received your order check your junk mail because our emails sometimes get blocked by spam filters. This is particularly if you are using a hotmail email address.

However, some products encode data. Hence we have to make manually them manually i.e. magazine barcodes, v-business cards, custom design QR codes. The turn-around time for these products is 2-12 hours . Therefore contact us if you are in a rush.

Barcodes Thailand Team

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Moya Cutts
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