ITF-14 Carton Code                

ITF-14 carton codes are used on the wholesale box or carton. They are used for stock control but not point of sale. They are sometimes called GTIN-14 numbers.

The Interleaved 2 of 5 (or ITF) code came from an earlier symbology called ‘Code 2 of 5’. Code 2 of 5 is numeric and has bars which can be wide or narrow. Spaces carried no information, and therefore their width was not critical. The Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology was suggested as a way of shortening the length of the code by using the spaces to carry information. Data is encoded in pairs of digits with the bars representing the first character of a pair and the spaces representing the second character.

ITF-14s are based on the EAN or UPC on the product.

Cut and paste your EAN or UPC numbers into the order form so we can create the ITF carton codes.

Quantity Price per image
1 600 THB each
  400 THB each
5 200 THB each
10 + 150 THB each

ITF-14 Carton Code


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