Barcode Search

Search for your barcodes on the IBNREG, the International Barcode Registry. IBNREG is an internet-based search service that gives access to basic contact details and other information on barcodes purchased by our clients and others.

IBNREG – the International Barcode Information Registry 

All our barcodes are listed on the IBNREG database.

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Search for your barcodes on Barcode Scanning Apps

Search for a barcode using a scanning app on your smartphone. These apps allow you to scan a UPC or EAN-13 barcode and will check against the leading barcode databases on the internet (such as,,, and other online databases) and return product information to you based on the scanned barcode. There are many different apps available on the market to choose from. Zebra Barcode Scanner is the recommended choice and is available from Here.