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We are the only barcode retailer that includes barcode registration. When you buy your barcodes from us, registration is included in our “Barcode Package“. This means that you will be able to register your barcode numbers and product details in the International Barcodes Database and several other online barcode databases including The International Barcode Registry  and a google search.

This is an optional service (you don’t have to register your barcodes, you can go ahead and use them rightaway. If you choose to register your barcodes then your products will have an increased online visibility, and there will be an online link between your company & your barcode numbers (e.g. if someone googles one of your barcode numbers). If your barcodes are registered, this can be used as proof that you are the the legal owner of your barcode numbers & it can help prevent other people from illegally using your barcode numbers.

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Retail barcodes are unique product identifier, assigned to each finished/manufactured product that is ready to be sold in retail stores. The barcode numbers are purely unique numbers, effectively drawn from a large international database and allocated to the product. The barcode number is connected with the product information by individual retailers, and by international barcode databases such as this.

Barcode numbers make work easier for retailers. Barcodes are a fast and accurate way to identify what product is being received into the store or sold at the checkout.  They can also be used for stock tracking, to show the store when they need to reorder a product.

If you need to buy a barcode for your product, we encourage you to purchase one from a member of the International Barcode Network – an international network of reputable barcode suppliers.