How to use your barcode

If you ordered barcodes from us you will receive your retail barcodes via email with the barcode images as attached files in the standard size. Once you have your barcode you can begin using it easily and immediately by following the simple steps below.

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1. Incorporate the barcode image into your product packaging or design

Choose whichever barcode image format suits you best (svg,png jpeg, pdf). You can now resize this to fit best into your product packaging. If you decide to do this, then please keep in mind our ‘Barcode Specifications‘. You can get a bit creative with the barcode if you like, however the main barcode image (the vertical bars and spaces) must remain unimpeded.

You can then incorporate the image into your product packaging in an easily viable flat location (to ensure ease of scanning). You could also have the barcode printed onto adhesive labels to be manually applied to your product.

Top tips on where to place your barcode;

  • barcodes scan best on flat surfaces as easier for the red laser light to see the whole barcode at the same time. If you are printing on a curved surface such as a beer bottle or lipstick, rotate the barcode so it is like a ladder (not a fence).
  • avoid printing over creases or seals, too close to edges, where the checkout operator holds the product.
  • ensure the printing is good quality; crisp barcode lines, not absorbant paper, good contrast in bar colour to white background.
  • avoid making the barcode too small (no less than 28mm wide or 19mm tall).

2. Print your packaging

The next step is to have your packaging printed. It is a good idea to do a sample print and check that the barcode prints and scans correctly. Barcodes work by contrast hence they are normally black on white. You can change colours but the less contrast means the harder it is for the scanner to read them. If you want to print your barcode in a different colour combination please see our Barcode Colour Guide PDF.

3. Send your product to your retailers

It is at this stage that the barcode is connected to the product. When the barcode is scanned for the first time, the product information is entered into the system by the retailer. After this, whenever the barcode is scanned, your product information appears.

At any time before or after this process, you can register your barcode.

4. Register your barcode number

If you purchased barcodes from us then you would have received an email containing your barcode documents, and instructions for how to register your barcode number on the major online barcode databases. Barcode registration is optional, however it will increase the profile of your product on the internet.