Products with our barcodes

Our customers include multi-national companies, small start-up businesses, beekeepers, coffee-growers. Customers are based in Thailand, Cambodia, Singagore and other countries. Below are some examples of products with our barcodes. We love seeing our clients business grow.

We aim to make barcoding affordable and easy. No joining fees, paperwork or annual fees. Our staff are able to answer your questions. Hop on our online chat, by phone, messenger, whatsapp or send us an email.

Here are a few of the companies we work with

CHENGSHAN TIRECatt’s Kitchen Peanut butter, Inbaan, Lantos CoatingsBangkok Latex, Balance Golf Nutrition, Good Mood Organics, Prinx Tires, GCom Solutions Co.,Ltd, clothes designers KasThailand, award-winning chocolates by Kad Kokoa, sports accessories by Fearless Sports, games by More Than a Sandbox, music tracks and CD barcodes. Check out the talented Bangkok-based musician Herve Slim, health products made by Anabolic Health, Treett including cordyceps and honey, household products such as BigO Premium.

More Products using our Barcodes



Products with our barcodes