Barcode Scanning Apps barcode scanning app

There are many barcode scanning apps out there. Scanning apps allow you to scan barcodes and search the internet (on various databases such as,, and more) and find product information that has been registered on the internet for that barcode.  Our barcode scanning app is free to download and use.

Barcodes purchased from Barcodes Thailand include free registration on the internet. Once you have received your barcodes you will receive a link to register product and company information for each of your barcodes.

Here is an example what can show when you scan with a barcodes scanning app:

We recommend the Zebra Progressive Web App.

Barcodes scanning app

  1. On your smartphone, go to
  2. Right click and “save to your phone’s homescreen”
  3. You can now scan barcodes using your phone

Zebra barcode scanning app