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  1. Certified legal barcode numbers
  2. Instant delivery via email
  3. One-off price - NO annual or membership fees
  4. Quality barcode images
  5. Member of the International Barcode Network
  6. Prices in THB or your currency

Why buy from us?

We save you time and money.

Buying barcodes from us means you can be confident that:

  • the barcode numbers are legal
  • you own the barcode numbers; no annual fees or joining fees.
  • your products will show on international barcode databases
  • quality barcode images that scan well
  • you can sell your products internationally
  • the numbers aren’t being used on any other retail products worldwide
  • you are buying from a real company with staff who are barcode experts


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Products using our barcodes

Our customers include multi-national companies, start-up businesses, from beekeepers to coffee-growers in Thailand and overseas. We make barcoding affordable and easy. Here are some of the businesses we are work with.

InbaanOasis Gloves Bangkok Latex, Phung Noi Noodle and Supply Ltd, Prinx Tires, GCom Solutions Co.,Ltd, KasThailand,  Kad Kokoa, Fearless Sports, Anabolic Health,  BigO Premium,  Live By Nature, Brytalife, Central Clinic, Herbistha, Style SealCalantha Organics, Pinn WellnessologyKR Thai, Alodia Thailand

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Save money, buy in bulk

Barcodes never expire so you can use some now and keep the rest for later.

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100 barcodes 6000฿ BUY NOW
200 barcodes 10,000฿ BUY NOW
300 barcodes 12,000฿ BUY NOW
500 barcodes 17,500฿ BUY NOW

Includes FREE registration

Registration is included if you buy your barcodes from us in our “Barcode Package”. This means that you will be able to register your barcode numbers and product details in the International Barcodes Database and several other online barcode databases including The International Barcode Registry. It also gives you more protection from people illegally using your barcode number as they can see the number is already in use.







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The International Barcodes Network

We are a member of The International Barcodes Network (IBN). The IBN has sold barcodes to more than 40,000 clients in over 120 countries from Ireland to Australia. Based in New Zealand, we have international expertise and over 11 years experience in barcoding.

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Free online barcode scanner

Need to test scan your barcode images? Save our Zebra barcode scanner to the homescreen on your smartphone.

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