Code 128 or Code 39 Barcode Image




Code 128 or Code 39 barcodes are used for asset labels; SKUs/stock-keeping; library barcodes; vouchers etc (they are not used for retail products). Please add to cart and then proceed to checkout. When you get to the checkout page please enter the data you want us to encode (e.g. DR2039) into the “additional information” section, and let us know what size you want (e.g. 45mm wide x 30mm high). We will send the barcode images to you in 5 different formats (jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, bmp).

Quantity Price per image
1  300 ฿ each
2-3   250 ฿ each
4   200 ฿ each
5+   150 ฿ each


Note – If you need sequences or large quantities for these, please contact us, and we can arrange a price.

Code 128 or 39 Image


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