Phung Noi Noodle Ltd

Loei-based, Phung Noi Noodle and Supply Ltd produces and distributes dried Kanom Jeen and Guo Jab Yuan noodles from their factory.

💥Rice Noodles, Little Bee Brand
💢 8 kg sack package size
💢 Straight lines, beautiful, not rancid, no preservatives.
Clean, safe, confident, quality
🐝 Little Bee Factory (Little Bee Noodle Partnership Ltd.)
✨ Get the production of dried rice noodles.
✨ According to the number and specification that the customer wants.

If you are interested in the noodle products please contact for more information on the telephone number below..

Tel: +66 63 035 0035



Phungnoi noodle green Phungnoi noodle soup