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The story of Phuket-based Barada Chocolates begins with Khaled. Khaled is the Head Chocolatier. His love for chocolate was sparked during his childhood in his birthplace, Old Damascus. Just a stone’s throw away from the River Barada. There are bustling old city souqs of spices, nuts, perfumes, and exotic produce. It was here that his love for chocolate and fine ingredients first took root. He sparked a passion that continued to grow as he travelled the world and lived in many different countries throughout his life.

Khaled’s extensive knowledge and experience working with African and Asian countries where cacao trees grew fueled his fascination with the diversity of cocoa beans from different regions. After years of sourcing and testing, Khaled blended together the best ingredients he found around the world to create a truly unique and exquisite culinary experience. The result is Barada Chocolates, a fusion of many different cultures and flavours, each one carefully crafted to perfection.

Inspired by his birthplace and the nut trees that grow wild alongside the River Barada, Khaled set out to create the first line of products that would capture the essence of his world travel. Our dark chocolate with roasted almonds has a unique flavour and texture that is perfectly balanced.

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These chocolate products use EAN-13 barcodes from Barcodes Thailand.