CHENGSHAN TIRE is a semi-high-end brand owned by Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co. Ltd. Chengshan Tire supply both commercial and passenger tires. They get their EAN-13 barcodes from us. FIND TIRES STRONG TIRE FOR LONGER PERFORMANCE Owned by Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire … Continued

Powerherbs International Co. Ltd.

Powerherbs The Northern Highlands of Thailand have abundant crops, carefully harvested and immediately processed. This is the origin of many of our healing herbs. Cool in winter and hot in summer. North Thailand is home to many varieties of vegetables, … Continued

Baan Mormai

Baan Mormai Baan MorMai sells medical equipment. Their range includes; – Anti-varicose veins stockings from Germany, Medical grade, under advice from expert doctors. – healthy shoes for elderly diabetic patients – SEALCUFF, a reusable waterproof wound bag, available both below … Continued

Phung Noi Noodle Ltd

Phung Noi Noodle Ltd Loei-based, Phung Noi Noodle and Supply Ltd produces and distributes dried Kanom Jeen and Guo Jab Yuan noodles from their factory. 💥Rice Noodles, Little Bee Brand 💢 8 kg sack package size 💢 Straight lines, beautiful, … Continued


Herbistha Herbistha makes a beautiful range of skincare products. Skincare and cosmetic products use EAN-13 barcodes. What did they think about the service from Barcodes Thailand? Good services, and the process was easy to do. After we purchased, we got … Continued

Mission to the Moon Media Company Limited

Bangkok-based Mission to the Moon Media Company is a creative space sharing stories about business, marketing, inspiration and personal development. It is both a ‘knowledge source’ and ‘learning source’ for workers to develop new skills. The beginning of Mission To … Continued

Ying Luck Bag Shop

 Ying Luck Bag Shop Apparel & Clothing Laos-based Ying Luck Bag Shop has an excellent range of stylish bags. Clothing, footwear and bags use EAN-13 barcodes.    

Smart Supplement

Smart Supplement Smart Fitness Established in 2015, Smart Supplement has quickly become a very popular fitness supplement specialty store in Hong Kong. In addition to online sales, we also have a number of physical stores. We are also exclusive agents … Continued

Balance Golf Nutrition

Balance Golf Nutrition Nonthaburi-based Balance Golf Nutrition products increase energy, focus and hydration to give stamina out on the course, just like the pros. Water isn’t the most efficient way to stay hydrated. Balance Golf Nutrition hydration powder will help … Continued

Aphidej TV Shop

Aphidej TV Shop Aphidej TV has 2 branches in Ubon Ratchathani. They sell many useful appliances and products. They buy barcodes from us, Quality drinking water, clean, delicious. Production has started. Delivery available too. Call 097-3365950 Or buy in … Continued