Selling on Amazon?           

Barcode numbers are used as a unique identifier for your product. We have many happy customers using our barcode numbers on Amazon stores including, uk, Germany, Australia etc (for some examples, please see here for our barcodes on Amazon.

We have been advised by customers that Amazon require their website address (URL) on the barcodes invoice – so please let us know (when you purchase barcodes or later) that you would like your website address on the invoice/receipt.

Note: You will need a unique barcode number for each separate listing on Amazon. It is your choice whether to make separate listings for each different variation (size/colour/design) of your product, or to just make one general listing for your product & get your customers to specify the size/colour after ordering.

Watch our videos on how to list on Amazon with our barcode numbers.

NOTE the product below is our standard barcode package, which can be used on products in retail stores and on Amazon. 


If you are shipping the product yourself, and only selling on Amazon, you don’t need to print the actual barcode on your product – you just need the barcode number to list your product on Amazon. If you are using Amazon FBA (shipping) then you need to print the barcodes on your product.

Selling on Amazon and shipping yourself? Then you don’t have to print the barcode image on your product.






Selling and shipping by Amazon? (Fulfillment by Amazon or ‘FBA’) Then you need barcode numbers with barcode images printed onto your products.